Meet the Team


Pranav Patil

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As an SEO wizard, Pranav aims to make this podcast known. If you’re reading this, he might’ve helped bring you here. A programmer and cybersecurity enthusiast, Pranav feels especially suited to this role as a natural tech support. Plus, he’s an aspiring entrepreneur, which makes this a great team for him.


Tony Ricciardella

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Tony is the co-founder and co-host of Dorm Hustle. Additionally he is one of the writers and curators for the brand new Young Entrepredoers blog. Tony has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and wanted an outlet to be able to show that and that is where the heart of The Young Entrepredoers was founded. 


Ian Wolfe

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As our photographer and videographer, Ian makes sure there is a consistent supply of quality photos and videos on the Young Entrepredoers website. This ensures the website is as visually engaging and professional as possible. Through providing content on a regular basis, Ian makes sure that visitors to the website get to know each team member as people instead of text on a screen.


Akash Harjivan

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Akash is the co-host and co-founder of Dorm Hustle and has brought on some of our most influential guests to date. His love for entrepreneurship grew when he learned about the idea of social entrepreneurship, the idea of creating solutions to solve social, cultural, or environmental issues.


Sean Newell

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As our graphic designer Sean influences the quality of the podcast by choosing unique color schemes and icons to make sure the podcast is as visually presentable as possible. By making graphics that address things such as new podcasts or upcoming dates with a color set identifiable to Young Entrepredoers, Sean ensures all our noticed work can be credited to our team so we can grow within the community.